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A New Adventure Every Day

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Kindergarten Readiness

Our kindergarten readiness program offers many opportunities for a child to be introduced to the basic skills needed to read, write, and learn math. We will help them to develop a love of reading with the exposure of quality books, storytelling, and weekly trips to the library. Our daily lessons also include beginning math concepts, which are explored with number recognition, counting, and matching games. With guidance, a child will develop their fine motor skills by cutting with scissors and writing with markers and pencils. New friendships are made, and they will increase their social skills and problem-solving abilities.

Daily Curriculum

Our learning program is designed to set the stage for children to grow and progress as individuals. Our students participate in active and dramatic play, science, arts and crafts, music, and movement and sensory exploration. All subjects focus on both the individual and the group growing and expanding cognitive awareness and enhancing the development of fine and gross motor skills. We plan a variety of field trips throughout the year, including the San Diego Zoo, Sea World, and the annual fall pumpkin patch. Every activity is carefully selected to provide the children with additional information and experiences to empower them as a whole person.

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